Only One Desire

Have only one desire throughout your life:

to be, and to become,

what God wants you to be

in nature, in grace, and in glory,

for time and eternity.

Maxim of Love 10:6
Jean-Pierre Medaille, SJ

Sharing our stories...

This particular maxim is my favourite. The very first time I heard it, it struck a chord with me. It lightened my load and gave me such a sense of freedom and hope.

And it still touches me, every time I read it. It speaks so simply and clearly of the "one thing" that is really important: "Be and become what God wants you to be."


It's so easy for us to give our time and energy to being successful, being powerful, being admired, being wealthy, being accomplished, being happy, being beautiful… We're surrounded every day by messages that define what all of these look like and challenge us to "be better". And because we all so long to be worthy, to be loved, we chase these things.


But all that striving leaves us empty. It does me.


And many times I've worried over what God wants me to be. How do I use my gifts and talents in God's and the world's service. Which way does God want me to take? What is God's will?

What does God want me and you to be? Beloved.


We're all called to an intimate, loving relationship with God; "transforming union" as Sr. Rosemary tells us. Richard Rohr calls it "oneing". Fundamentally, primordially, God created me and wants me to be God's Beloved.

And so again and again, I learn to be God's Beloved. I learn to let go of the parts of me my false-self clings to so tightly. I allow my daily circumstances to strip me of my pride, my self-reliance, my fear. I learn what Love really is.

Because all I have to be, all I want to be, is what God created me to be for time and for eternity: God's Beloved. All I need to do is open myself up, or rather, allow myself to be opened. 


             "Cast off your false exterior self, cheap and showy garment that it is...

              find your real self in its elemental poverty and simple dignity...

              you were created to be a child of God... loving, sincere, unselfish."   -Thomas Merton

Carol M.
Kanata, Ontario 


#1 arletteh 2014-02-01 19:29
Oh, yes, life can very suddenly get "elemental" ,down to basics, as I found out this morning when my car was unusable. My well-laid plans for the day suddenly had to be changed, let go .Thus our search for the real self gets many detours also, and makes us look at basics. Thank you , Carol

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