Recognizing God as Potter  

Have only one desire throughout your life:

to be and to become

what God wants you to be

in nature,

in grace,

and in glory,

for time and eternity.

Maxim of Love 10:6         
Jean-Pierre Médaille, SJ

Sharing our stories...

This Maxim seems to say it all for me. Jean-Pierre Médaille brought us the Gospel through his Maxims in a hidden way. God's graces gave me discipline, courage and perseverance to attain my deep desire to know what true Love is.


A friend from the Upper Room once challenged us to share our story in a collage. Here are some of my Markers in my spiritual journey. The oldest of five children in six years, needless to say, I lost my place at an early age and was a needy child. My mother had a great devotion to the Virgin Mary and inspired me to do the same. In my teens I used to love to go to church when nobody was there - just to be, to listen in the quiet, smelling the burning candles and to be surrounded by the holiness of the place. That's the way I knew it! In my late twenties, I had not gone to church for a number of years. Deep down God was calling me back as He put friends on my path which made me curious to know about Vatican II. I was thirsty! I needed something more.


Coming from an alcoholic home, lots of changes within were needed and all I wanted to know was, “Who am I, and what is true love?” One day in a chapel, God filled me with a transfusion of Love. I felt it through my whole body which lasted 3 days, (that baffled my husband and three daughters). I heard within, YES, I was to know what true Love was but the journey would be very difficult. From that moment on, I never was the same. I was led to the right places at the right time, one after the other. The Center of substance abuse for families helped me find the root of my problems. Later, I followed up with the wounded Inner Child with the Bradshaw series. For the first time, I felt human.


One day, a friend talked to me about Sister R. O'Toole who was giving presentations on the Spiritual Journey. From then on, I had spiritual direction, met a wealth of friends, this resonated with my soul, I was home! I could not stop reading, wanting to understand and know more of this new way of life. God gave me courage even though I was so often ahead of grace. I’ve learned that accepting suffering well, lead me to great Joy. All of these experiences made me feel stronger. I found the center of my being… God dwelling within me. I thank the Lord for the purifying graces through contemplation, emergence, transition and transformation. I was finding my true self and it brought me freedom.


In contemplation, I learned I had to love myself first so I could truly love others. I became a new person (2 Cor 5:17) and was able to give back with joy. Abandonment to God and surrendering were the big keys to unlocking this treasure within ...and still are essential in my journey forward. What a gift Jesus gave me. I am so grateful for everything NOW and until eternity

I give glory to God for my daily walk with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Louise Owens
Alymer, Quebec.


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