The Transformation Journey    

Strip yourself of the old self

so that you can put on the new.

In order to live in the perfection of this Maxim,

die to all self-love and to every movement of the heart

that comes from a wounded nature

resistant to the grace of the Holy Spirit.

When you have died to nature and to the old self,

live the life of Christ Jesus,

putting on his humility, gentleness, simplicity

and all his other virtues.

Then you can say with Saint Paul:

“I live; no, not I; it is Christ who lives in me.”

Maxim of Love 2:4
Jean-Pierre Medaille, SJ

Sharing our stories...

I must start by saying that I am most grateful for having been born into a Catholic family who made sure I was baptized when I was just a few days old. As I got older I was also privileged to receive all the sacraments and attend Mass regularly with my mother. I did my best to do what I was taught a Catholic should do.


Now that I look back at my life then and even later on with my own children, I realize that I heard and understood ‘the words’ being said but never stopped to think or feel or listen to what might be going on inside my heart, my body, my inner self. (Grace!) I will add that I always did like the feeling of sitting in a church but never gave it a second thought of why?


In my later years there reached a point in my life when I wasn’t very happy. There was much discontentment, resentment, frustration and so on. I definitely did not want to live like this. After a few mornings of waking up to the idea of seeking help, (I’m sure a grace from God), I soon after embarked on a ‘journey’ with a very open mind and willingness to improve ... without a clue of where it would bring me.


It was very difficult to look inside this place which had been hidden for so long. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t pretty at all. But there again, I heard and understood ‘the words’ being said and tried hard to practice what I was being taught. Very slowly but surely something was definitely happening which is hard to even put into words. I was finally getting in touch with my inner self. There came this inner peace and an inward knowing and experiencing God’s guidance in my life.

At the same time, I found myself also being conscious of God’s presence everywhere around me and within me. Once in a while I get this bubbly joy in my chest, something I had never experienced before and so much more than I could ever describe. All of this is wonderful gift/grace.


For sure, I still have many struggles in my life and always will but I know that God knows exactly what’s best and that He’s at my side with all His love. This Maxim is coming alive for me as I strive to no longer be resistant to the grace of the Holy Spirit. I get a sense that my life is becoming more and more like Christ’s … humble, simple and free. Hopefully, like St. Paul, I can one day say fully, “I live; no, not I; it is Christ who lives in me.”

Claire Howor
Montreal, Quebec


#1 arletteh 2014-05-07 20:06
Thank you so much, Claire! Our loving Creator knows we won't be happy till we are whole: body, mind, spirit, heart. Yes, to get in touch with the heart was for me, too, eventually, so life- -giving. To know how much growing we can do when we live by the guidance of the Spirit within! And yes we are thankful for the foundation that our early faith training gave us .And thanks to those people who later guided us on the deeper path, to experience, eventually that peace and "bubbly" joy! arletteh

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