Infinitely more

Live in peace and inner tranquility

Show this by acting without rush

             or too great eagerness.                 

 Maxim of Love 7:1
Jean-Pierre Medaille, SJ

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“Perfect love casts out all fear.” The verse from Scripture makes it sound as if a one-time casting out of fear could do the work of becoming fearless. One of the fruits of Pentecost is “self-control”, but as indicated, it is not a work of mind over matter. It is at times, a “groaning”, an agonizing plea for the grace of God to work in me, to transform me, to transfigure me.


That means, of course I must go through yet another “Passage”, deeper, darker Gethsemane in order to find my true Self. That true Self is Love. It is in this struggle that I encounter the Beloved whom I seek. My Beloved is Love - and I am encouraged, overjoyed by the increasingly more frequent encounters with my Love, only to enter again into a deeper death – a death that alone can destroy that death in me that is fear.


The mystics, and my own faith in the power of my baptism to save, keep reminding me that the First-Born from death, Jesus, has conquered my deaths. And I continue on as my Beloved leads me in the Dance, ever so gently inviting me deeper, yet mysteriously onward and upward.

    Arlette Hermans
Renfrew, ON

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