Discerna few women or men (singles or couples or religious) with whom you already feel some ‘spiritual attraction’. You may share the same spirituality or be interested in a similar exploration into living a more contemplative/mystical way of life that suits our contemporary world. The mystic, Jean-Pierre Medaille may be your resonating attraction. Others may never have heard of him as he is largely unknown beyond the Sisters of St. Joseph. Whatever attracts persons to belong to a Little Design Community they usually speak about loving its ‘littleness, hiddenness and self-emptying’ characteristics. We suggest your Little Design Community group size be three to six persons.



Invite themto discern if God is calling them to come to an 'Introductory' Little Design Community gathering at your home. Encourage them to read or skim through the information posted on this Little Design Communities website.  



Since The Eucharistic Letter describes the core vision given to us by Jean Pierre Medaille, SJ, it would be helpful for everyone to read and pray with just the ORIGINAL TEXT before coming to the first gathering and listen for an inner resonance. Then, if so prompted by the Spirit, come to your small community group for these monthly gatherings.



Set a first gathering datefor ‘come and see’ at your home. Everyone is invited to share hearts. The ‘Sharing of Hearts’ is what makes a Little Design Community unique. It soon becomes a very rewarding and enriching dimension of our spiritual lives. We have designed the ‘sharing of hearts’ cards to help guide your conversations heart to heart. Trust grows over time. Whenever we gather to ‘eat, pray and love’ we discover the indwelling Spirit encouraging us to move into ‘the always more.’ Discuss and consider how your small community would like to plan to go forward. We suggest monthly meetings. Enjoy a cup of tea and simple refreshments.



Download the binder of printed materials from the website OR send us an email to purchase any or all of the available resources. (ONE person cost includes:One binder with Eucharistic Letter and commentary, the 8 Gatherings as well as a mug with logo, sharing of hearts cards and one prayer card = $35.00)   E-mail Sr. Rosemary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to place your bulk order.



Be sure to join us at the ONLINE Little Design Communities throughout the year and share your experiences and reflections. Hopefully, together, we can "Circle the World with Love."



Please contact us if there is any way we can be of assistance to you in getting started with your own Little Design Community … wherever you are living. We hope that we will see these pockets of small faith communities breaking out all around the world.

              "Your zeal will always be in proportion to the love of God you have in your heart.

                                 If it springs from a great love, then it will be great."

                                                       J.P. Medaille, Maxim of Love 11:1