English -  Download the complete Binder (7.2MB PDF) of printed materials. (100 pages in colour)

French  - Download the complete Binder (7.2MB PDF) of printed materials. (100 pages in colour)

PRINT out the pages and place sheets in a binder. 


We recommend that each member have one complete copy for personal study and reflection as well as for monthly meetings.

(If you would prefer to purchase the binder for $30.00 we will mail it to you. Bulk orders would be appreciated to manage the costs efficiently.)

THE BINDER is divided into 4 sections: 
You can download and print an individual section from here if you wish:

                            History and Vision

                            The Eucharistic Letter with Commentary

                            The Monthly Gatherings - 8 meetings

                            Sharing of Hearts - using coloured cards  -English      

                            Sharing of Hearts - using coloured cards  -French

To download the PDF articles, you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer.   

  Thank you, Danielle!
Danielle Latreille, one of our core members, has completed the FRENCH translation of the complete BINDER of 100 pages. Posted Pentecost, 2013. Thank you for this labour of love!