1                                  THE EUCHARISTIC LETTER

                                                 JESUS MARY JOSEPH




I must write you the little thoughts that our Saviour in his measureless goodness deigns to communicate to me concerning his design. He has revealed to me a perfect model of this same little design in the Most Holy Eucharist which, if I am not mistaken, constitutes all our pure and holy loves on earth.  



‘Feeling and understanding concerning the Design.’ Jean-Pierre Medaille wants to convey by the title, the entire very intimate intuition that God communicates to him about the spirit of the foundation, the ‘Little Design’ whose ‘weak instrument’ he will be. (Federation of SSJ, USA, 1973)

It seems that in a sudden burst of spiritual insight, Medaille ‘sees’ all the elements of a Little Design community’s lifestyle exemplified perfectly in the Eucharist. Throughout the Letter he will explain ‘the perfect model’ as he describes the mission, the evangelical counsels, the lifestyle, membership, the ministries, and the practicalities of food, clothing and houses.

From the outset he places the two together as one - the Eucharist and the Little Design community - thereby, challenging us to ‘see’ all that follows from our own deep mystical centre. “Eucharist is the source of all our pure and holy loves on earth.” The Little Design communities must live this Eucharist in the world, abiding in this deep Love, allowing this Great Love to flow through them to others and unite others to each other and to God in an ever deepening and expanding mystical union.

It is all a mystical work whose ‘source’ is pure, starting within the heart of God. Medaille firmly believes that God has inspired him to communicate this vision with us – with you. It is God’s design, not Jean-Pierre’s and not ours. We must always be mindful of the ‘spiritual revelation’ that is being imparted here in this Eucharistic Letter.


Do you experience the Spirit ‘communicating’ a little plan for your future?




#3 virginia 2012-10-23 19:08
I, too, find it a way of refounding our order, our community. At least for those of us who feel this is the way, the Little Design, is our hope. It has the greatest potential for living a future full of hope as well as being grounded in our initial calling. It's being true to ourselves and yet it will draw us onward like nothing else because we have the Eucharist, our Spouse as our Center, our Contemplation, and the Source of Love for our Dear Neighbor. It's worth all my attention!
#2 arletteh 2012-09-03 21:56
"Humble" stands out for me.The message about the Little Design community is received from a direct connection with the Saviour because of Medaile's humble stillness and listening to the Spirit. "Nothing do I want." Thus Medaille is an open channel for the spring of God's grace,to let it well up in him and fill his whole being.That the Little Design is perfectly modeled on the Eucharist brings joy and a deep trust to me. All life continuously experiences death and rising to new life,i.e. paschal mystery.At Eucharist we celebrate the full gift of Christ to us i.e.Christ's paschal mystery.Medaill e will go on to relate how the Eucharist and Little Design are inextricably related.
#1 rosemaryo 2012-09-02 20:39
Yes, in every cell of my body, 'the Little Design' way of life calls me and holds me in truth and charity. For some time now, I have known that this is how and where the Spirit calls me to use my time and energy and zeal - not only for the future, but in the NOW. I am so grateful to have experienced this 'knowing' and the grace to actively pursue it with some dear companions.

As we launch this new conversation online, my deep desire is that individuals around the world, will gravitate to the magnetic resonance of this 'Little Design' way of life and join the community experience... either online or with their own small group of spiritual friends.

Living Eucharist - self-giving LOVE - in the world today - is the fruit of our deep communion in Divine Love. I am blessed to 'see' and 'feel' and 'understand' something of the Mystery unfolding in these days. I find myself unable to do otherwise... than live and share and model Little Design community.

Blessings, Rosemary

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