Jesus in the Eucharist, my dear daughter, is entirely empty of self. And should we not also, at his urgent invitation, work to establish an Institute totally empty of self? Yes, our very dear sister, our cherished association will be a body without a body, and if I dare say so, a congregation without being a congregation, and perhaps in time, a religious order without being a religious order. In a word, it will never appear to be anything in the world, and it will be in the eyes of God whatever that same good God, in his infinite mercy, will deign to make of his Institute.



Father Medaille plunges us immediately into the essential mystery of Jesus’ self-emptying (Phil 2) that is so characteristic of the Little Design way of life. It would seem that “it is with an urgent invitation” that we are to be about a process of establishing Little Design communities who are equally filled with God’s pure love and emptied of all that limits us in our false and wounded self. The initiative is God’s throughout!

           “Have God alone before your eyes,
     God’s good pleasure, God’s glory,
         and make no account of anything else.” 
      (Maxim of Love, 4:1)

Father Medaille names for The Little Design Communities their identity in very paradoxical and mystical language. This “body without a body”; “a congregation without a congregation; “a religious order without being a religious order” invites us to take a fresh look at possibilities for community today. This ‘being without’ and this ‘not appearing to be anything’ will create human interior tensions that challenge us to probe into deeper mystical depths. Our Little Design identity will be created by the living Triune God within us and will ask of us an entire emptying of our own egos!


The Little Design Communities will always appear to be very insignificant - in our own eyes - and in the way others perceive us to be. The Little Design communities remain open to becoming whatever God wants us to become.


   Do you see the emerging Little Design communities as Life-bringing because they strive to be egoless and only whatever God wishes them to become?



#4 virginia 2012-10-24 20:07
I do see these communities as Life-giving just because the Little Design continually invites us to let ourselves go --- our self-love, our egos, our desire for control. To be lost in Jesus Who in the Eucharist is our model in His total self-giving. He alone fills us with the Manna that satisfies!
#3 mariem 2012-10-21 19:38
For me it's an amazing process after my daily meditations and emptying of self how God's spirit works in /through me. I long for that time every day because it is my closest time to feel the divine within and cherish where I want to go. It is so refreshing to know that Little Design is "a congregation without a congregation". My Little Design group meets faithfully every month to share and nourish each other with open conversation, a light snack and prayer.
#2 arletteh 2012-09-11 19:57
It feels so good to be more and more empty of the false self(that wants all the glory for itself) and to let the Spirit flow from within,the Spirit that brings together, the Spirit that has shown that the good of the community is where I can put my energies that brings, in the long run, greater satisfaction ,great joy.Where have I today been empty to give way to the fullness of God's love?
#1 rosemaryo 2012-09-07 14:45
The real Life-Source animating all these Little Design communities is God's inflowing Love. The deeper we move - in our contemplative response - into that Beam of Divine Love, the more consciously we allow Love to love through us. And God's love is always creating, renewing and embodying that Love into some little, loving service to another. Hence the circle of LOVE keeps expanding and spiralling out and beyond our imaginations... I have grown in my understanding of how this emptiness of formality, of structure, of organization is actually liberating. These Little Design communities are a ‘PERHAPS IN TIME’ exploration for sure.

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