It will be, with God’s help, invisible, as Jesus in the same most adorable Eucharist is a God, hidden and totally invisible. Furthermore, it will be very little, both in its own eyes and in itself, just as Jesus reduces himself in the smallest particle of the species of bread and wine.


The Little Design communities will be hidden and little just as Jesus in the Eucharist is invisible and little. What is hidden in the Eucharist? The Living Triune God is hidden from the senses in the Eucharist but fully present in faith. The interior soul knows and experiences the miracle of love in the Eucharist. “Effect in me a miracle of love.” (J.P. Medaille)

God’s vision revealed to Medaille that the same mystery could be embodied in us. We are to become the God-bearers of Love! “Love Love and let Love love through you.” Father Medaille saw all this would be accomplished “with God’s help.” Our true destiny as human beings is to become these dear children of God, brothers and sisters, bearing in our bodies the beams of this Divine Love.

Today, we witness many persons of Light and Love emerging here and there in many parts of the world. Their voices and actions and presence are making a difference in a small, quiet – yes, almost invisible manner - by the very quality and depth of their interior, spiritual lives. Hopefully, the ego-self will continue to diminish and more and more of Christ will shine forth through all of us. That this transformative mystery transpires in great hiddenness and ordinariness is truly awesome to behold!

                                  Have only one desire throughout your life:
to be and to become
the person God wants you to be,
in nature, in grace, and in glory,
for time and eternity.
(Medaille, Maxim of Love, 10:6)
 How does this BE-ing little and BE-ing invisible speak to you now?


#5 virginia 2012-10-27 15:34
Yes. the time is NOW! I can witness to all of your thoughts .Being truly little and humble is the call of the Gospel on our lives. We have such a model of this before us in our tabernacles and Jesus in the Eucharist present in the Holy Mass. When we don't need our senses to inform us but the eyes of faith to enlighten us, we become more Christ-like and perfect lovers. It reminds me of St. John of the Cross! This speaks to me now as I am leaning more to the contemplative side to be open for God's initiative. Following the Little Design makes us all truly fruitful! Maxim 10:6 seems to be our favorite maxim!
#4 mariem 2012-10-21 20:00
When I hear those words I fell authentically myself and how God want me to be. That's why I am connected to L.D.plus there"s no job description, no exams, no competitions or timelines. For me it's letting go and allowing God to inspire and guide me in my purpose. What a beautiful place to be!
#3 stmarys 2012-10-19 15:45
Although I may be only one person - if I am faithful to my relationship with God, God's love will come through loud and clear...not me/mine...but God's. The miracle of love cannot be hidden...invisi ble (yes) but FELT!
#2 arletteh 2012-09-26 23:41
"Hidden",as God seemingly IS at first."I AM."And our vocation is to be the person that from all eternity we are meant to be.
"Be still and know that I am God." Our eternal, hidden selves can begin to develop and grow from the stillness of our living in God....It's beautiful when a little community like the Little Design can grow together from this "BEing."
#1 rosemaryo 2012-09-21 17:09
This 'Little Design' spirituality invites persons - to be hidden, to love hiddenness, to seek out the hidden life, to be socially unknown, to be invisible. This way of life actually challenges us to live at the very heart of the Mystery of God- who though hidden,is fully manifest in all! The more I/we evolve and deepen into this BE-ing little and invisible - our egoic, false, adapative, dysfunctional self - falls off and diminishes. Over time, my life starts to exhibit the transcendence of the spiritual and the indwelling God 'lives and moves and breathes' through me in all my everyday actions and interactions with others... often without my knowing it or understanding how.

So the emergence of all these Little Designers throughout the world cannot help but bring forth a rebirthing of the Reign of God! As Jesus said, it will be 'the little ones'- those that have become'children of God' -these are the essential ones for the leavening of the whole cosmos. Is not the planet starving for such contemplative emergence once again?

I pray more of us will respond to the interior 'call' to become a little grain of yeast mixed in with the dough of humanity and trust the 'rising up and expanding' to the power of Great Lover God. The time is now!

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