O God, how happy our little Institute will be if it maintains this spirit of littleness, humility, and self-emptying detachment, and of a life hidden for all time, and, even, if God wills it, for eternity.


Medaille seems to burst forth here with a rather sudden insight that this way of living in littleness, humility, detachment and self-emptying is the real secret of genuine happiness. Always respectful of the human condition, he uses the active verb ‘maintain’ to indicate the healthy on-going process of conversion and transformation.

Medaille, like Jesus, is the great encourager of hearts. He inspires us to keep “moving always towards the more, but a little more, day by day.”

“If God wills it…” Medaille would seem to call the Little Designers to stay the course throughout the years as we grow in our understanding and practice of living this vision of The Little Design. The WAY will always be as ‘little, hidden and self-emptied persons’. Gradually over time, we too will become INSTRUMENTS of this Great Love, immersed within our contemporary milieus.

However, Father Medaille says, we must always live in an openness and receptivity to whatever future God wills for this ‘Little Design.’ This indicates his own personal detachment and self-emptying and the heights of his spiritual/mystical knowledge and understanding.

Just what is this Little Design way of life doing to/for you? 


#5 virginia 2012-10-29 17:37
This question of what the Little Design way of life is doing to me, for me, reminds me a time awhile back when I made a life-long request of asking for a first love of Jesus! I would say that it is making me a saint, although I can't even imagine that for me. But I know, by this way of hiddenness, self emptying, detachment, and humility truly lived, I will be drawn closer to My Savior Jesus and be pleasing in His sight. That's the important thing and we can't go wrong, right?
#4 stmarys 2012-10-22 14:20
This paragraph calls me to the self-emptying detachment - to be open and receptive to God's will. This is, of course, more difficult than it sounds but it is the source of happiness and FREEDOM. When we are able to let go of all we hold on to, the possibilities of newness in the future are endless!
#3 mariem 2012-10-21 20:07
I am learning to love more and with patience. The spirit of "littleness" encourages me every day to stay focused and to trust that God is ever present and working it in HIS way mot my way.
#2 arletteh 2012-10-01 01:15
The Little Design way draws me ever more to its littleness.I trust this littleness more and more and, in times of turmoil,I remind myself to stay little at the center of my being.Joy will often result in some way either at that time or perhaps days later because the turmoil has turned to something positive.
#1 rosemaryo 2012-09-29 23:41
This Little Design way of life keeps luring me into its ever deepening capacity for loving - more purely, more generously, more inclusively. I desire to become an instrument of God's Great Love to every person I meet.

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