However, through the goodness of God, it will have all of these to a greater degree. Its father and its mother, its founder and its foundress, will be Jesus and Mary, invisible to the eyes of the body but very clearly visible to the eyes of the spirit. 

With Mary as our spiritual mother, we are embraced within the intense illumination of her life and spirit that she communicates with us, her daughters and sons. Mary is that good mother, that feminine model, who strongly guides the church in its Pentecostal fervor and outreach to the world. When the early disciples found themselves in Mary’s presence, their fears were calmed, their faith strengthened and their zeal for souls enlivened. What a spiritual mother we have as we face the world today – struggling and transforming – seeking the more!



With Jesus as our spiritual father, we are embraced within the intense illumination of his life and spirit that he communicates with us, his daughters and sons. Jesus is that wonderful shepherd, that strong and true guide, who animates us and establishes us in right relationship with God and with the whole human family. As we go about our lives and ministries today, may we strive to live the Gospel message, internalizing the heart of the matter. We need to remember just how deeply we are marked in Christ with a spiritual paternity.


For us, in The LITTLE DESIGN, our spiritual mother and spiritual father will be Jesus and Mary. Our generativity then throughout the ages will come forth from these two great lovers. Father Medaille says… “we will be filled with ALL to an even greater degree.” The abiding inspiration of the Spirit within all of the members will be the source of the life and vitality of these new emerging Little Design communities. The call and the challenge for us today will be to abide in this quality of faithful listening to the ever-renewing, ever-creating Spirit of God who, throughout the years, promises rebirth and reform.


The Spirit will be guiding us to be ‘whatever God wants us to be’ in every generation. Constantly receptive to the will of God, like our founder and foundress, Jesus and Mary, we too will thrive and be generative in many fruitful ministries. Under Spirit inspiration, we will birth a family of believers – in every generation - who will draw forth more and more persons into the fullness of ‘abundant life’ in God. There is an endless inclusivity that keeps spiraling forth from this pristine essence of ‘Oneness’ within the Heart of God.  

How do you feel the maternal/paternal love of Jesus and Mary?



#3 stmarys 2012-11-14 15:52
Can we who have Jesus and Mary as the source of our paternal/matern al love be as their children - TRUSTING they will be there to care for us, love us, nurture us, direct us? We who are loved and experience that love are able to offer the gift of love/life to others!
#2 arletteh 2012-10-30 13:43
"You will draw water joyfully from the springs of salvation." The springs are pure Spirit.The source of the Little Design spirituality is God's pure,ever generative Love of all of creation:an unfathomably deep source, never depleted,contin ually there for us to come as we thirst more and more for these sources. And so we are like the child hungering and thirsting for food and drink. The Spirit of the Risen Jesus has provided that food and drink in abundance.As we eat and drink, we too are able to reproduce what has been given us:unconditiona l, endless,love that overflows.Thus the Spirit of Jesus is like a father to us, who gives life. Mary is the Mother,the womanly giver of life who is always there to encourage new life.
#1 rosemaryo 2012-10-18 14:08
Over the past few years, I have been considering what 'spiritual generativity' means and what it might manifest as for us in religious institutes.I reviewed Eric Erikson's term,'Generativ ity vs Stagnation'. This is the necessary struggle that ascends in adulthood and he calls it the 7th stage of our psychosocial development. Generativity refers to our concern for establishing and guiding the next generation and stems from a sense of optimism about humanity.

I find our Eucharistic Letter so rich in this naming Jesus and Mary as our founders. Medaille points us to these two great lovers who were always receptive and responding to Spirit impulsion in their lives. So too,let us today,be docile and gentle in allowing the Spirit within us - both individually and as a body - to be always birthing, to be ever creating and renewing, to be continually keeping LIFE and LOVE alive throughout the generations.

It will be the interiority and depth of this communion in God that will be the 'source'of our spiritual generativity. I already imagine these emerging Little Design communities as a signal of hope offering the world community- a future full of possibilities!

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