But is not the holy obedience of this dear Saviour and Master truly marvelous/miraculous! Has he ever had a thought or uttered a word of resistance to the will of the priest who consecrates, touches, and carries him, wherever he wants. O God! Yet how many reasons would this divine Saviour have had to refuse to come into our hearts when given to us or when we ourselves have received this holy Sacrament! This mere thought would move me to tears if I were not harder than marble. Nevertheless, my dear sister, this Saviour has never refused to come into our hearts at the precise moment the priest wished it. I leave to your own reflections the other marvellous perfections of the divine obedience.


Medaille focuses us into the “obedience as lived by the members of the Little Design community” by revealing to us Jesus’ pure and constant listening to God. When we grow into this same interiority, our ‘neediness’ gradually falls away and our obedience will become purer and more perfect.  There is no need for refusal, no need for resistance to the will of God, when one is fully living in this divine communion. We wake each morning to listen like faithful disciples. (Is.50:4-5)


Discernment becomes a way of life for us. We experience God’s unconditional love and total availability and openness in such a way that it evokes a reciprocal response of ‘obedience’ – listening well – within our own hearts. We desire to be and to do whatever it is that God’s Spirit within asks us to be or to do. We desire to give back our ‘obedience’ in the same manner – with no word of resistance, no hesitation to God’s voice within, only with the best unconditional love we can offer. We actually live in the expectation of being ‘moved always towards the more!’  We are actively engaging in a relationship with Life and Love and so we expect to be challenged to expand and transcend our former ways and earlier habits and boundaries that have limited us. It will be the norm: “Now, I am making the whole of creation new.” (Rev. 21)


We have come to see ourselves as living in a covenant of co-operation with each other. Each person is responsible for discovering his/her own unique giftedness. Each person determines what services they are able to contribute. We carefully guard and cherish this partnership of equals. In Little Design communities there is no superior, no hierarchy, no matriarchy/patriarchy, no power-over, no dominance, no competition, and no comparisons. We commit ourselves to helping one another stay true in this covenant.


What do I understand by discernment in daily life?


#5 stmarys 2013-01-25 16:05
Over the years I have observed in my daily life, a gentle tugging/movemen t from deep within. The Spirit is active, directing, moving! I just need to be open, to listen, to TRUST. To be able to recognize this interior movement, I must first encounter and name it in my own personal prayer time. Each time I meet and experience this God of Love, it makes it easier to perceive the Love, the call, the Spirit, and all that it brings/asks. Be faithful to walking with, living, and sharing this unconditional Love.
#4 virginia 2012-12-27 16:58
Discernment for me is the victory over the interior struggle to do always what Jesus would do in me at the present time. It is the inspiration coming from within and from the tabernacle.
I am so blessed to be able to come, night or day, into His presence and just sit and let Him speak to my heart about the situations and my life's course. I want to rejoice in His self-emptying and make it my own.
I think of the parents and family members of Sandy Hook who have their unspeakable losses but the discernment of heavenly realities in their pain. I pray that God would comfort them and cause us all to look to the Eucharist and Jesus" words:" Lose your life to find it! I am with you always."
May true discernment lead us to embrace our Savior's obedience that cost Him His very life but gained for us all a union with the Father and Eternal Life and every blessing!
#3 jar4 2012-12-24 00:10
Discernment in daily life means that since The Divine desires to guide me, it is my happy privilege to be prepared to listen, to love the guidance then to follow it wholeheartedly.
I've learned the value of silent prayer. The absolute necessity of silent prayer.

*** I see the last paragraph of Lesson #17 as being a model of Christian life. It is so all inclusive,with no "lording it over" that Jesus warned against.

My Christmas hope would be that many would embrace it.******
#2 arletteh 2012-12-23 19:40
Discernment is for me the continual listening for the voice of Wisdom that comes from deep within,there where I am most authentically myself;the voice that guides me to a continuous growth towards wholeness.Thus daily I listen for that Spirit that steers me through my multiple resposibilities and relationships, within my home,family, Little Design community, neighbourhood, parish, the community of csj associates and the wider community.I am more and more open to the priorities that Wisdom guides me into.The peace and love that result are my great joy! My need to slow down, the need for meditation,pray er,silence,stil lness and the need for the sharing of this life style are essential.
#1 rosemaryo 2012-12-23 03:55
I hope that my discernment - my listening well to the inner voice of Love - is the source of all the choices, activities and responses I make in my daily interactions. I desire to give back an ‘obedience’ in the same manner as Jesus – with no word of resistance, no hesitation to God’s voice within, only with the best unconditional love I can offer. This all happens on a lifelong continuum for we actually live in the expectation of being ‘moved always towards the more!From my lived experience I have learned that silence and a certain amount of solitude greatly facilitates an ease with this quality of discernment in daily life.

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