May God grant that we may be able to contribute, as weak instruments, to re-establish in the Church this total union of souls in God and with God.              

Here, Father Medaille reveals the apostolic end of the Little Design communities. He sees them as men and women called to work for the gathering together of persons. He sees us as ‘weak instruments’ instructing the Mystical Body of Christ and bringing many souls into the Trinitarian life of Love. We get a sense that this is all done in little ways, in hidden ways, in the daily ordinariness of life.

Medaille is confident by now that the members of the Little Design have mastered the understanding that it will be God’s love acting in them and through them bringing all these good fruits about. They are at ease in the little plan.


He is looking beyond The Little Design as a community within itself and sees it spreading throughout the entire Church. We are to be then, ecclesial men and women, who experience a unique mission of unity in and for the Church. Such a divine calling that follows in the footsteps of Jesus and his manner of attracting and inviting others to ‘Come follow Me… and I will give you life, abundant life.’


“The practice of humility hollows out in us a place, where will appear, through the efficacy of the Eucharistic revelation, the experience of the dynamism of the plentitude of the love which is the Holy Spirit.  By this Spirit the Son makes us participants of His union, with His Father, uniting us to one another in the same unity. The dynamism of the experience of this ‘total double union’ obliges us each day to live in an intensity which can only overflow in a witness of person to person, so that we can contribute to the re-establishment in the Church of this total union.”  (Adrien Demoustier, SJ, writing on the Eucharistic Letter, 1968) 

How do I see my contribution within the ecclesial community?


#6 stmarys 2013-04-26 15:39
I am called to remain within the Church structure, to be a witness of love for all people, to be inclusive in that love and forgiveness, to recognize and name it when others do likewise. The tragedies of the bombing in Boston, the massacre of school children and staff, the explosion in Texas - all have demonstrated the importance of being visible witnesses of GOOD in the world commnity. The Vatican's investigation of women religious and the response of the LCWR leadership highlights the importance of prayer, fidelity, dialogue. All of these have been global issues - but the positive response of each of us as individuals is critically important.
#5 virginia 2013-02-18 19:25
The Little Design is a place where I find hope and refounding within the larger community as I gather with the my friends. It flows outward as we love our Eucharistic Lord together and binds us together securely as well. It's what we were meant to be from the beginning and now it is realized in a new and prophetic way. So much around us has changed since the 17th century but all that was revealed to Medialle's heart through prayer and contemplation is for us today. As a minority now as before, all is insecure and crumbling around us. The Eucharist is our legacy as the Church is re-esta blished in this total union of souls in God and with God.
#4 arletteh 2013-02-18 18:29
Something seriously to consider:where is my "growing edge"?
#3 rosemaryo 2013-02-17 14:46
My growing edge in this present moment is this
"...looking beyond The Little Design as a community within itself and sees it spreading throughout the entire Church." I long to see each one of these evolving SMALL communities living, dreaming and imagining the GREAT LOVER and then 'firing together'in such a manner that the whole BIG church (all the people of God) will shift and transform and know an aliveness that attracts and heals and unites us ALL as one. I am open to being used as a 'weak instrument' in helping this dream to happen.
#2 arletteh 2013-02-17 11:50
Having been baptized into the life,death and resurrection of Jesus, the Anointed One of God,and having, through deep prayer and littleness, found my true self hidden in Christ,to BE and to ANNOUNCE the joy of that ongoing discovery to all of creation!
#1 daviddhunoo 2013-02-17 03:50
Amen ,as a weak instrument or as a pot of clay ,we carry within us a "The Uncreated Trinity "that give us the strength ,the force ,we need to practice or to put in action the humility that only The Holy Spirit can provide to us.The Comforter ,The Helper next to us or within us ,we can fulfill this Divine union with our Dear Neighbors Souls.Let us walk in the Step of our Lord Jesus Christ ,or we can ask What Would Jesus Do, if He would be in my place .Amen.

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