Not to be overlong in explaining my thoughts, our dear Institute ought to be all humility, and ought to profess in all things, to cherish and to choose what is the most humble; and it is in this way that the smallest, deepest and selfless humility is manifest. And so it must be all modesty, all gentleness, all candour and simplicity, wholly interior, spiritually alive. In a word, it must be completely empty of self, detached from everything. 


At this moment in the Eucharistic Letter, Father Medaille hopes that the Little Designers will have come to a clearer understanding of the spiritual interiority and intent of this movement and are now feeling ready to profess, cherish and choose this as a definitive way of life. Humility will be its foundation. All the other virtues - modesty, gentleness, candour and simplicity - are the overflowing manifestation of spiritually alive persons.


In any healthy spiritual life, that has the genuine potential for growth, for interiority, for leading to a mystical life… there must necessarily be that passage through a ‘dark night’ of struggle and suffering, as the false and wounded ego-self is being diminished and purged. It is necessary to be mindful that there will be occasions along our paschal journey that cause us, in our human relationships, to undergo some radical self -emptying.


There is a spiritual necessity for this being stripped of everything that is false and illusory and created by the ego self: our arrogance, our pride, our need to control. The lure to power and self-importance, being first, being right -  all these need to be swallowed up in the transformative process God is accomplishing in the depths of the soul. All this will usually be accomplished through very real and concrete painful situations, unique to each person. Humility is embracing the truth of who we really are – dear children of God and that is enough!


This purgation is how we pass through ‘our spiritualization process’ and come to the full blossoming of our true selves. With time, we recognize the ‘pure diamond self’ (Merton’s image for the true self) shining in all its radiance within us. God makes it all happen – over the years – by our receptivity and cooperation with grace.  Now, living more and more in our true self, we find humility, simplicity and gentleness abide. Father Medaille encourages us throughout the Eucharistic Letter to become these mystic souls. Aspire always to this pure love of God, and at the same time, be willing to undergo the purgations. Our daily mantra might be: “Empty me and fill me with your great love.”  Abide here.

Are you awake to the flow of grace within you?


#7 stmarys 2013-05-14 14:03
The words on this page sound wonderful - living them is something else! "...There will be occasions...tha t cause us...radical self-emptying.. ." OUCH! If you're alive, you've experienced this at least once in your life. (Lucky for you if it's only once.) Living this, recognizing it, accepting it causes pain! It also causes one to seek our loving God who accepts us, comforts us, strengthens us, challenges us, and ultimately heals us. We are dear children of God. We cannot do it alone. It is God's grace that helps us make these experiences times of self-knowledge and growth.
#6 arletteh 2013-02-25 19:38
Grace draws me to PEACE. At our Sharing of the Hearts workshop, I felt healed by the phrase"GROUNDED in one's own life story." To get there has taken many a time of having to "take the low place",as Medaille says.In other words, to be humble. That humility has also often been demanded by the need to get through a dark night.The dark night is so much a part of one's life story.The groundedness brings PEACE.
Thank you for your comments. So much taken in!
#5 virginia 2013-02-25 19:10
In my life, I have been aware lately of opportunites to be humble, little and detached while at the same time being able to share my gifts with others. I have the Eucharist as my model and know that if I do cherish this Holy Presence and remain humble, I will be safe and secure in God's will and blessed. I am always looking forward to hearing from arletteh, david and you, Rosemary! I know that many, many others are benefitting from your fine commentary each week. It is especially rich for this paragraph. I know it flows from many hours of being with our Eucharistic Lord Jesus!
#4 arletteh 2013-02-25 02:12
The simple spirituality that I find in the Eucharistic Letter(with commentary) along with the Sharing of the Heart-is all that I really need.It's a bright,yet gentle light within the center of my being.
#3 daviddhunoo 2013-02-24 17:53
Philippians 2:5-11 ,The Uncreated Son became the Created Son to Empty Himself to be a Servant ,such example for us to follow.
#2 rosemaryo 2013-02-24 16:43
"Humility is embracing the truth of who we really are –
dear children of God and
that is enough!"

Today,I see that this is enlightenment.
#1 daviddhunoo 2013-02-24 04:42
Yes,I Love this : Empty me and fill me with your great Love :,last Sunday on CBS 60 minutes 2/17/13 ,there was a Ship that call Africa Mercy ,the group of peoples on the Ship were sharing The Love of Jesus by touching ,and provide Healing to the peoples of West Africa .It is a floating Hospital some have living on the Ship for many years ,as we give or Empty ourselves to do the work of God .Let us receive the Baptism of the Great Love from The Uncreated Trinity .Let the Power of the Most High cover us with his Grace and Love ,Humility with the Will of God.Empty to be Refill daily.

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