O my dear daughter, what secret union of the three divine Persons do we adore in the Holy Eucharist! What solemn offerings and secret consecrations of the dear Jesus for all humanity! What efficacy this august Sacrament has to advance the glory of God and the salvation of souls!

How beautifully Medaille uses ‘secret intimacy’ to describe the unity of LOVE in the Three Divine Persons all present in the Eucharist. Can we ever comprehend the mystery animating this offering and consecration of Jesus for all humankind unfolding in Eucharist?  And recall how Father Medaille also uses “secret intimacy and secret consecration” for all our Little Design communities. All this points to a form of community whose essence is mystical and yet its efficacy manifests among the people. It’s Love and Love overflowing creating triangles of Love - all to the glory of God.


It is well known that the mystic soul keeps the “secret to myself.” There is a substantive “knowing” that frees the person from rationalizing, justifying or defending one’s lifestyle and choices. The interior conviction sustains throughout whatever the cost.  Mystics don’t often do a lot of talking. They live and breathe and move in God … and smile a lot. They know what they know they know. Do you find yourself becoming a little more …a silent, prophetic witness of Truth and Love? 


A theologian of our era, La Cugna, has written, “In God’s Design, God is in us, we are in God and all of us are in each other.”  It is all one embrace of Love. Loving for the sake of those loved is what God is all about; it is what Eucharist is all about. We are made in God’s image and we are all to be about the same loving. God is seized with love for us and it is this seizing love that enables us to be a presence of love. We live and move and have our being in the Mystery of God’s ecstatic love for us. Love holds us, embraces us, encourages us, lifts us up and enfolds us. God in us, we in God and all of us in each other!” Wonderful good news … may we all be one.                               


Could every experience of the Eucharist be our saving ‘power’ as Little Designers to advance the glory of God and the transformation of humankind? 

Can YOU participate more consciously in that loving power at/in Eucharist?




#4 virginia 2013-04-21 19:50
Most certainly! There is much growing potential in our Eucharistic relationship. All the power is here at our disposal. I have just returned from a planning meeting for our community even though I have never been a leader in our community. I heard that we "are not called to be boat -builders" but Jesus called us to be "fishers." This paragraph says this same thing. What power in the Eucharist to advance the salvation of souls and our santification!! !
#3 arletteh 2013-04-15 00:17
Joan Chittister calls the psalms "the prayers of God's poor". Today was my turn to be the cantor of the psalm at Eucharist. It was Psalm 30,with the refrain being "I will praise you, Lord, for you have rescued me." I have so many times called to God for help, and God has rescued me. I could sing this psalm with great authenticity. Many parishioners, too, do identify with the messages in this psalm. The whole congregation sings the refrain very prayerfully. It rises gently up to heaven. It lifts us up. Thus we are one with each other and with the community of the Holy Trinity.
#2 rosemaryo 2013-04-14 18:17
I am just back from Mass at my local parish where today we were celebrating seven children's First Communion. There was a full parking lot and a fully packed church with extended family members gathered for the special occasion. I landed in a seat in the second back row and found myself surrounded by eager singers and prayerful participants. I was particularly moved when the bell sounded at the consecration, a charming young boy of about 4 years old immediately lifted his right hand and waved! Yes, what a welcome to our God... and such a gift this child gave all of us. His dad simply smiled! Totally, unselfconscious ly, he did it again when the cup was raised and the bell rang.

I was more mindful at my own communion how welcoming I was to the Great Lover that I was receiving. And now, I am home, getting ready a chicken supper - a little feast - to take and share with Sr. Evelyn's sisters in their apartment. Is this too "bread broken and shared... all done in love." Happy Sunday all!
#1 daviddhunoo 2013-04-14 06:25
I agree with La Cugna (God is in us,we are in God and all of us are in each other)Paul in Collosians 3:1-4 ,verse 3 to be hidden in Christ in God.Yes every experience of the Eucharist is a saving power .Every time we participate at the Eucharist we have the Holy Union or Communion with The Holy Trinity ,THE Loving Son of God revealed to us in the last supper ,by eating the bread and drinking his wine ,we are partaking his body and his blood ,only The Holy Spirit can opens our minds as well as our hearts and our spirits as brothers and sisters.We listen for God who is present among us ,admitting no division based on ethnicity,natio nality,backgrou nd ,age or gender.For the Greater Glory of God.

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