Now our little institute of three must communicate: first and foremost to sixteen persons remembering the apostles as well as evangelists invoked in the litany of the saints: secondly, to seven other persons dedicated more particularly to the service of mercy and charity in honour of the seven deacons; thirdly, to the seventy-two others who become involved through the efforts of the above-mentioned sixteen and seven. Our three will arrive at the number seventy-two in the following way: they will give to the principal one of those twenty-three persons, the responsibility of working to gain six souls for God and for their own perfection, and to each of the other twenty-two the task of gaining three, taking care to attract, instruct, and lead them to the profession of high sanctity. 



Here we have such a unique and rather brilliant multiplication style for communicating the vision. Fr. Medaille reminds us that diaspora methodology still works. The spirit of the dispersion and growth and spread of The Little Design vision is to be modeled on the charismatic energy of the early Church. What we are communicating is Love – and a way of Love – in a world and a culture that in many ways has grown deaf to the Gospel through secularism and materialism.


Yet we know mysticism has surfaced from its underground stream once again in this era. There are many persons awakening to the God of Love and Light and are looking for a way of life that is simple, hidden, uncomplicated, and yet alive to Gospel values. Many are strongly motivated and desperately want a chance to respond to the challenge with like-minded others within a small faith community. It is happening in individuals, one by one. The mystical way is something that doesn’t come to pass by whole groups, whole communities or by whole parishes. It is God working the transformation – person by person – in lives that are receptive and responsive to grace.


We can expect Little Design  to come as a slow and gradual ‘gathering up’ of mystic persons finding each other and then becoming the new clusters of  communities – scattered here and there – in and around our towns and cities - and all is happening simultaneously all around the globe. Check out our online Communities of Little Design interacting and interconnecting.  Pause and marvel at the wisdom and miracle of all this. The extending of the Gospel message was done by disciples working in pairs of two, going from town to town.


That is how the message of Jesus reached the four corners of the earth. Observe how Little Design wants to ‘get moving’.          

We are called to be these ‘mystic-missionaries’ today… go and do likewise:
Attract others -      by the way we live our lives. 
Educate others -    with the truth of our own lived experience. 
Lead others -          to gather and share hearts in small faith-based communities.


#3 arletteh 2013-04-22 06:39
Our energies come from our heart. At our Little Design groups, we learn to share from the heart. The group I belong to has taken 3 meetings to reflect on Rosemary's wonderful booklet "Sharing of the Heart".....Yes, Father Medaille's method of communicating is "wonderfully wise": by small groups of 3-6.The treasure of our hearts is revealed: a powerful communicator! Rosemary, your advice is also so wise: Don't fuss too much about what you are doing. Adapt as you see fit....Today being vocations Sunday, I found it heartening to be reminded that Vatican 2 emphasized the importance of the lay vocation also: to live the gospel wherever you find yourself!
#2 daviddhunoo 2013-04-21 04:25
Jesus said in Matthew 28:18-20,All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth .GO ye ...teach all nations,baptizi ng them in the name of the Father ,and the Son ,and of the Holy Spirit.Teaching ....I have commanded you :and ,lo,I am with you always,even unto the end of the world .Amen.Proclaimi ng the Message of Love,the little design must be The Light that shine into this world ,telling whoever we talk too,there is a Heavenly Father who through Christ Jesus our Redeemer .The Father loves them ,so be the Light that shine ,John 1:4-5 IN HIM WAS LIFE;AND THE LIFE WAS THE OF MAN.Our responsibility is winning or bringing Souls for God and for their own sanctification. Let us be ready to be Surprise by THE HOLY GOD ,SON, HOLY SPIRIT at Le Puy.Amen.
#1 rosemaryo 2013-04-21 02:15
Our hope is that small groupings of three to six persons will start to gather in each other's homes using the Eucharistic Letter and 'sharing of hearts' as their starting place for new Little Design communities. Just try it... Go do it... and let the Spirit breathe and flow in your midst. Don't work at it too hard and be patient as you listen and share and learn together from the notes and commentaries.

If you are interested use the Getting Started section on this website ... and download the free resources for your home gatherings. We have posted 8 Monthly Gatherings for eight months on this website. Adapt as you wish ... go your own pace.

I have always believed in Medaille's wonderfully wise formation program: "win three souls each, taking care to attract, instruct, and lead them to the practice of deep holiness."

Blessings upon this exploration and multiplication of 'little design' around the world. I am extremely grateful for our Le Puy days... when we will gather together 22 women and 1 man... from India, France, Italy, Canada and United States for these 10 days of contemplative experience. Talk about a 'turning' ... shifts taking place ... surprise moments of grace moving our charism forward!

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