In this manner, my dear sister, the Eucharist is communicated first to the apostles, then to the seven deacons and then to the seventy-two disciples, in order to be widely diffused by their mediation to all the rest of the faithful.


Father Medaille relates our style of communicating the Little Design vision to the manner in which the Eucharist is distributed; that is, in an intimate, personal way. His references to the 12 apostles, the 7 deacons and the 72 disciples remind us of the diaspora of the early Christian communities. Father Medaille is hereby empowering these small Little Design groups to be involved in the apostolic mission of the Church. The Trinitarian Love within each member overflows to others and soon we are immersed in a participation in the universal mission of the Church founded on Pentecost.


Medaille, not only launches the VISION, he indicates here in the Letter, that he sees how there will be a need for a constant growing number of persons within the Body being called forth and delegated to communicate this Little Design way of life to others. Holy Communion is distributed to one person at a time and so, the teaching and the understanding and the feeling for The Little Design, must be communicated just like that … personally, intimately and with the deep desire and intentionality, just as when one is being offered the gift of LOVE in Holy Eucharist.


Is there a spark of a new fire of Pentecost here? Can we see Little Design communities as a Pentecostal gift to the world in our time? How are you being called to communicate this Little Design Community to those around you? This requires nothing lofty or grandiose in evangelization. It requires care and discernment.


You will recall that you are to ‘invite 3 persons’ for whom you already feel some spiritual attraction. What a simple and remarkable Little Plan. We set out now to communicate this great Love. This mission – this profoundly relational charism – has within it, its own innate potential for growth and expansion and fruitfulness. It is God’s LOVE that is being communicated, shared and celebrated between all the ‘personal triangles’.


It is agape intermingling in all of these small communities of three to six persons and in all the global networking of these pockets of faithful disciples amongst themselves and with each other. So no one person needs to be overwhelmed by this responsibility. No one person needs to carry the weight of leadership or formation. It just does not and will not happen within this paradigm. We are a community of ‘great lovers of God’.


We profess to be a ‘congregation of God’s Great Love’ mixed in, like leaven, with the dough of the world. There is no hierarchical ordering of persons, only the inclusive love that binds us together as a Mystical Body of Christ.

May our first steps of launching Little Design be a manifestation of the power
 of grace, evoking the charismatic beginnings of church. Ponder/discuss. 


#4 daviddhunoo 2013-04-28 17:09
Yes,their will be a revival of a NEW PENTECOSTAL coming in our time.Their a Group call,the GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER ,inviting the church worldwide to Pray or in one accord,or join together on Sunday Pentecost,May 19,2013 that the Holy Spirit will visit the churches one more time in the world we are living.I believe we as Little Design communities will be part of that move, moving as a boat with it sail up and the Wind of The Spirit of God take us where The Lord wants us to go .We need the Gifts or Fruits of The Spirit ,Galatian 5;22-23 Spirit of LOVE ,joy ,peace,long suffering,gentl eness,goodness, faith,meekness, temperance;agai nst such there is no law . The Little Design can communicate those Fruits of The Spirit to the communities around us Galatian 5:25 Since we live in the Spirit ,let us walk in the Spirit.Let us sail the Wind will take us to the Right Place.
#3 arletteh 2013-04-28 16:15
Am trying to do some reconciling within myself: Just read:"the last name of God in the New Testament is"Love". It is a love that springs from goodness and pure grace(Agape).Th is love is the mystery at the heart of the Church. At Eucharist, this love is celebrated, consumed and carried forth. In the intimacy of the sharing within a Little Design community, we become more the true selves we were meant to be. True Love can grow and it does! What a joyful experience! May these pockets of renewed and renewing people truly be the leaven of a great Love around us. (quote from Corbon:" The Wellspring of Worship")
#2 virginia 2013-04-28 15:20
and many of us have needed that "yes" Rosemary--- to encourage us in our own desires and wonderings, wanderings.
How again stir up the sense of mission and the charism we have been entrusted with?
The whole world is crying out for a new Pentecost. Now with Pope Francis we can join with the Church as LOVE is being poured forth from the WOUNDS of Jesus!
#1 rosemaryo 2013-04-28 14:24
Here among our 9 Ottawa communities,we claim PENTECOST as our 'founding' day. As we have come to understand and live in this Little Design way of life we acknowledge how it needs the new life of the Spirit breathed into it constantly. Little Designers seem to attract contemplative persons who experience listening to the indwelling Spirit as a sure guide to choices and activities undertaken... It was around this time last year, that we were gathered in discernment praying and discussing if 'perhaps NOW' was the time to launch our website- Little Design Communities Circling the world with Love. We sensed an affirmative Yes!

This 'giant step' only came after 15 years of quietly and steadily allowing the Spirit to grow many little communities that scattered around the city of Ottawa and area and now continue to gather in each other's homes.

What a Pentecost 'surprise moment' when the International Centre in Le Puy reached out inviting me to come and speak about Little Design Rebirthing this June 2013. We are in readiness and filled with pure intention for these wonderful days shared with 22 participants from five different countries ... May there be an infusion of grace and Divine empowerment ... as we release Little Design into the world with a vibrant, energetic manifestation of God-is-with-us!

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