This is, my dear sister, what we observe in the species of the Blessed Sacrament, which are very common, and allow for differences in taste and colour according to the different kinds and quality of flour used.


Father Médaille wants the Little Design communities to be - adaptable, free, without uniformity, simple - as the great mystery of Eucharist is throughout the world. These core essentials of life - food, clothing, and houses - are to indirectly declare who we are interiorly - great lovers of God. The externals of our Little Design way of life should reflect the authentic reality of our interior ‘be-ings’ and not create a distraction by any excessiveness.


Father Médaille celebrates the diversity and various expressions of how this might evolve. There can be many expressions of these external practicalities – clothing, food, homes - according to what is fitting and appropriate in the various cultures and climates… wherever Little Design communities spring forth.


Just as the Eucharist is celebrated with hosts made from varying flours according to what’s available in different countries, so will the Little Designers, wherever they live, express their lifestyle in a manner that is suitable to their age and culture and circumstances.

                                      There will be no one right way!


Do ‘the bread and wine’ elements of your life reflect this Eucharistic Love?


#4 daviddhunoo 2013-05-12 17:53
The Little Design Communities are on a Mission with 25000 sisters in forty-nine St. Joseph Congregations throughout the world ,not counting laymen,voluntee rs helping in this mission to fulfill the work or task. "SACRED ENCOUNTERS",Kno wing that God works in us and through us as we miraculously offer our Healing Ministry to our Dear Neighbor. May each encounter reflect hope,joy and healing as we allow God Love to flow though our hearts and our hands .This week was National Nurses Week,we did the Blessing of Hands Re-commitment Ceremony.As we take or share the bread and wine ,we are becoming ONE with the body of the Lord Jesus Christ ,spiritually or physically. Yes our life Reflect The Love of the Lord through The Eucharist ,we represent the Body of Christ Jesus to our Dear Neighbors and throughout the world.Amen.
#3 virginia 2013-05-12 17:27
I hope and pray they do! So far, my life has been not been boring, no matter how ordinary and hum-drum it appears to onlookers. There is that excitement of being loved and cherished and indwelt by a mighty God, ever so humble and gentle. There is a true communication of life, of being, from Him to us. We have to "surrender", let ourselves be immersed in the ocean of mercy. "Seeing" with His eyes, the bread and wine of life becomes more than ordinary; it becomes divine!
#2 arletteh 2013-05-12 14:29
Life so often comes down to the ordinary, what to me often seemed boring. Now I remember Jesus said; " I am the bread of life."I can find his gentle, life- giving, even joyful presence in the ordinary routines, e.g., making soup with my husband in the kitchen. Sufferings accepted and the saying " yes " to the commitments they require, I can now see as the wine: Christ's cross , transformed into light-filled life, like the sparkle in the wine. One example I saw was one person helping another put on shoes: the Bread and Wine of everyday.
#1 rosemaryo 2013-05-12 12:52
Last week I read this from Richard Rohr in his "Eucharist as Touchstone:
"The hiding place of God and also the revelation place of God is the material world. You don’t have to put spirit and matter together; they have been together ever since the Big Bang, 14.6 billion years ago. You have to recognize this momentous truth as already and always so. But big truth can only be understood on small and specific stages. The Eucharist offers microcosmic moments of what is cosmically true. It will surely take a lifetime of kneeling and surrendering, trusting and letting go, believing and saying, “How could this be true?” Even Gandhi said, “If I really believed what you believe, I wouldn't get up from my knees.”
This week I want to see more deeply the Divine Presence - LOVE - infused in the "bread and wine" elements of my life - the garden work, the kitchen work, the spiritual direction ministry...

And, of course... there will be diversity ... and uniqueness ... as the Spirit manifests and creates always new ... in our homes, our foods, our clothing choices... our Little Design communities. I celebrate this gathering up of ONENESS in the grand communion!

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