The houses of our principal daughters will be like the tabernacles, always locked and our sisters will leave them only through obedience, to return without delay, and to devote themselves to all the activities which advance the glory of God. Do we not see this clearly in the Holy Eucharist!

Our houses should be like tabernacles. What a beautiful image of “home.” The Little Designers are invited to create and care for their own homes/condos/apartments as sacred spaces. This ensures their interior contemplative lifestyle and honours the Presence within.


Their movement out into the neighbourhood or workplace is once again through an obedient listening to God’s prompting them to go forth to perform some service for another and then return home. Father Médaille makes the association with Jesus abiding in the tabernacle at the altar of repose, when the tabernacle door is locked.  Jesus is truly present when he is in the tabernacle and we can come to our chapels and churches and visit and adore and rest awhile before the sacramental Presence.


During the liturgy, or when there is a need to bring communion to the sick or dying, the tabernacle door is opened and Jesus is carried to the person in need of receiving the gift and comfort of Holy Communion. There is a time for the door being locked and a time for the door being opened. Once again, it is a ‘coming in and a going out,’ a flow of contemplation and action. It is all ONE - this ministry of Love.


To cherish our contemplative life it will always be necessary to safeguard periods of silence and solitude for listening to God. These ‘boundaries’ will secure our homes as sacred spaces. Father Médaille would seem to be cautioning us to be careful about our ‘comings and goings’ that can easily slip into addictive/compulsive patterns. Ministry needs to be carefully discerned so that it doesn’t become a frivolous activism. We guard ourselves from ministry burnout by modifying any imbalances in our lifestyle. Hurry, stress and over-working rob one of that lovely gentleness and peace of heart we are all called to practice.


Our homes will reflect a simplicity, a cleanliness, an order and a beauty that speak of a sense of the holy and the sacred ‘life’ that we are cherishing within ourselves and with all those who live within our homes or come to visit and be with us in our homes.  All of this speaks to the many persons of our present day culture who are choosing to de-clutter, simplify and downsize with their homes and material possessions. The movement towards “little and hidden” is attractive once again. 

How would you describe your home?



#5 virginia 2013-05-21 18:37
To me, letting happen whatever promotes the glory of God and only that, keeping out those things that are not of God is being like the tabernacle, always locked. Having made that response to His Great Love, this commitment means we continually return without delay when we find the least trace of ourselves or our home in disorder. Our comings and our goings are then filled with Pentecost power as our Lord is present to both. It IS ONE ministry of Love.
#4 daviddhunoo 2013-05-19 16:31
#3 daviddhunoo 2013-05-19 02:48
Yes as ACTS 1:8,But you shall receive POWER ,after the Holy Spirit will come upon you.....you shall be Witness .......to the end of the earth .It is true we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit ,1 Corinthians :19-20 let Glorify God in our body....This remind me the Tabernacle of the Old Testament where the Glory of the Lord came down, day time the cloud ,night time the fire ,but Moises spoke to God in a tent separated from the Tabernacle,this was the Sacred Encounter Daily .Yes I want our Home to have an Alter where we can have communion with the Lord Daily also that the Presence of the ALL Mighty be in the Home,whether in the Home or Going out The Presence Should be with us by the Power of the Holy SPIRIT .This is what Pentecost is all about.Come Holy Spirit just as the Lord Jesus said,He will ask the Heavenly Father to send the Comforter ,John14:26.Let it be.Ready for the Experience.AMEN .
#2 arletteh 2013-05-18 10:27
My Beloved approaches me with peace. I must let this Peace embrace me. Then my comings and my goings will be more peaceful, also. The period of the contemplative experience in Le Puy is a time of retreat for me here at home, to become ever more like a tabernacle from which my comings and goings will be more through obedience to the Spirit.
#1 rosemaryo 2013-05-12 13:18
I'm sure we are all mindful of Father Medaille's words these days... "God grant that it may be established throughout the whole Church."(E.L.) Well, here we are connecting, a world community via the internet waves, connecting, communicating, bonding ... and for me, this week, the finding of Beatrice's Bruteau's words ... a "gigantic holy communion" will keep me pondering all week!

As I prepare myself for the experience in Le Puy,I am opening myself to the Spirit... and desire to be available for whatever moves through me ... and let happen whatever promotes the glory of God! This is a wonderful 'home' space!
Happy Pentecost feast day everyone!
Shalom, Rosemary

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