In summary, as our dear Saviour appears to us in  the Holy Eucharist as being nothing for himself but being entirely for his Father, and for the souls redeemed by his precious blood, so, my dear daughter, our little design and the persons who will compose it, will be nothing for themselves but totally lost and emptied of self  in God and for God; and they will be in this way, all for the dear neighbour, all for God and the dear neighbor; not at all given to self. May God deign to bring about his marvels according to the measure of his good pleasure.

Amen.  Blessed be God. 



In summary, Jean-Pierre Medaille pushes to the limits, one more time, the essence of our whole Little Design spirituality. That is, “be nothing of self, all for God and the dear neighbour.” The starting-place is awakening to our being-in-God with an awareness of the Divine Lover loving us: “Behold the Beloved beholding you.” (Teresa of Avila)  Essentially, the Eucharistic Letter is saying- “Yours is a mystical vocation. It is not about you. It is about God and God working in you. It is about God accomplishing God’s dream for all humanity… and using you, using us… as instruments of that Divine capacity for loving.


He ends with “May God accomplish his marvels in us according to the measure of his good pleasure.” Clearly, Father Médaille wants to leave us with this final reminder that we cannot do this. It is the God of Love who does this life/work in us, when we allow God to accomplish his marvels. Like Mary, our souls cry out in praise: 


Truly, the Almighty has done great things for me; holy is God’s name.” Lk.2


Truly, how marvelous for us today to receive this prophetic vision in such a personalized, inspired Letter from Jean-Pierre Medaille. May we resonate with its vital energy and desire to respond to its attractive way of life with courageous zeal and compassionate love. With all our hearts, we pray that we awakened ones of this generation will be heralders of this “Good News” to all the nations of the world.

What say you, now? Is God beckoning you?
Will you come, follow the voice, and dare
 the journey into deeper Mystery and meaning?


#2 arletteh 2013-06-07 13:44
#1 virginia 2013-06-03 17:32
What can one say when one is seized by Love and receives the Word into Oneself! Yes, we are pushed to the limits by our call and the grace that accompanies it. We can only keep coming, coming closer, to follow the Voice and trust the Person whose voice we hear. We know God is able to accomplish in us, and through us what we are not capable of in God's dream for humanity and for His Eternal Glory. AMEN. Blessed be God!

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