As to the activities of our little sisters, they will be, with God’s help very interior, both for their own sake, as required by their directory, and for the manner of life they will try to inspire in others so that the whole world will strive more than ever to live for God and to serve him in spirit and in truth.

Father Medaille, himself a contemplative soul, knows that there is only one spiritual life and there is no dichotomy or distinction between work and contemplation. The interior life of union with God of its very own nature just flows into some ministry or service. It is all the one Love and one Life. This manner of a contemplative lifestyle is in itself, a ministry to inspire and educate others so that they, in turn, can live deep and meaningful spiritual lives in the world. You will note that Medaille uses the expression, “with God’s help” ten times throughout the text.


“Is this the Little Design in a Big world? When Father Medaille quotes John 4 that speaks of ‘there will come a time when you will no longer worship me on this mountain or in the temple, but you will worship me in spirit and in truth,’ is he being prophetic of a time when ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue will find unity in the one God?


Today as more of us are living more consciously in a global spirituality, with its emphasis on inter-dependence and inter-connectedness- Little Designers -  who choose to live this way of life, can be an inspiration for others. The Gospel way of being and living grows ever more attractive and urgent in this modern era.


From Marius Nepper and the inter-congregational team:

“To be real, the interior life, the ‘service in spirit’ ought not to consist merely in words but should be translated into actions. For the Eucharistic soul, the interior life should demand an apostolic life in order that ‘its service in spirit’ become at the same time, ‘service in truth’; but since the text is speaking of persons in the world, it will be important to show them that the Divine Goodness demands that they should be apostles in the midst of their daily life in a manner adapted to their state of life and their social condition.”

Do it wherever you are!

Does ‘the manner of my life’ inspire others?



#3 virginia 2013-05-29 19:19
I am not sure, but when my attention is gently focused interiorly on our dear Lord in a kind of contemplation and I am serving at the same time or involved somehow with others, it goes so smoothly and so sweetly. It seems like it would appear to others as inspiration. They may feel, experience God's love and grace coming to them if I am indeed, a vessel of hope. At these times, we must, I think, not be overly concerned how we appear to others, if our hearts are right and we are being sincere "in spirit and in truth."
#2 rosemaryo 2013-05-26 01:00
There is 'something simple and humble' about this Little Design way of life that creates an ease and gentleness within us that stands alone as witness to the inner life of Love shared in an intimate communion that just IS. I experience that this Gospel way of being and living grows ever more attractive and urgent in this modern era. It has been 'revealing' to me to hear my neighbours speak with me this week as I share about my journey to Le Puy and the reflections and experiences we will be exploring there. They 'get it!' and say to me, 'This is right on!" Yes, worshipping God on the mountaintop, city streets, churches, temples and forest paths. Let us see GOD revealing God-with-us in everyday places this week!
#1 arletteh 2013-05-24 12:40
A quote I read:" One of the great challenges of the journey is to integrate the expanded horizon of the contemplative "prayer" to daily life." And yet the opportunities are all around :the teen who feels understood by our listening; the child with the wide imagination who finds a kindred spirit; the elder from whose heart we can bring a laugh; the lonely one who feels revived by compassion. We cannot go back to shallow living after a deep contemplative experience.

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