Our 30th ANNIVERSARY gift to the city ... A Future Full of Hope project series. 

This coming year we will put our time and energies towards developing a new way to assist spiritual understanding and mature faith development for all the People of God.    

All graduates of our nine Emmaus Programs are encouraged to meet throughout this coming year at The Upper Room to assist with the re-presenting of our core foundational teachings in a new format that will be helpful for small groups in parishes or home study groups. These interactive and 'working' Saturdays will be a time to deepen and interiorize the spiritual truths that guide our practical choices in daily life. If Spirit guides us, we will prepare a library of small books on different themes. We are happy to announce that over the last 3 years we have created and published seven booklets in this Future Full of Hope series:

PURCHASE these books at The Upper Room Home of Prayer or on amazon.ca. To see all our Resources to Purchase click here.
1.  Discernment: A Way of Life
2.  The Mystery of Divine Indwelling
3.  Dying Well
4.  Understanding False Self and True Self
5.  The Spirituality of the Paschal Mystery
6. The 8-fold Path of A Spiritual Life
7. Contemplation and Dark Night of the Soul


In 2017 -2018... our  hope is that some of our spiritual directors will be available to assist with the facilitation of these books in small group faith circles in various locations. Come to one or all of these meetings:  

Saturdays from 9:30 - 12:30  

Sept. 30     Review of Mary: A Contemplative Woman     

Oct. 21       Review of  Mary: A Contemplative Woman  

Jan.   6       Review of The Dark Night and Contemplation     

Jan. 20       Final Review of  The Dark Night and Contemplation    

April 21       Final Review of Mary: A Contemplative Woman


    Group photo of some of our spiritual directors on a Saturday Day of Enrichment

 best 1                                                                   
2012:  Our EMMAUS COMMUNITY photo
Back: Louise Owens, Wendy Marshall, Elaine Gibson, Roger Amyot, Bro. Henry Arruda, Guy Brethour  
Middle: Zony Wong, Debbie Camelin, Elizabeth Charbonneau, Fay Barber, Grace Amirault, Betty Ross
Front: Mike Doherty. Michele Melowsky, Beth Picard, Sharron Doherty, Coleen Hurley, Sr. Rosemary O'Toole