JANUARY 16, 2013: Sr. Claudette Meets Danielle, Our French Translator



It was such a lovely bright winter morning when Claudette and I dropped in for a visit to Lloyd and Danielle Latreille's home in Ottawa South. Their warm smiles and welcoming hearts were soon matched by a delicious snack of fresh blueberry muffins and coffee. 

Danielle Latreille spent about 6-7 months working on the translation into French of the white binder - 100 pages - the text of The Little Design Communities Rebirthing - which includes four sections: 

The History and Vision

The Eucharistic Letter Revisited 

The 8 Communal Gatherings

The Sharing of the Heart


And now it's done... and in the hands of her sister-in-law who is doing a second editing and proof-reading. We will be able to post it on our LITTLE DESIGN COMMUNITIES website within a few months. 


DSC04062Lloyd and Danielle Latreille are members of a Little Design couples community here in Ottawa. Four couples have been meeting monthly in each other's homes for a couple years now.

They follow the white binder Gatherings ... and allow the sharing and conversations to flow in the Spirit. They tell me today that they often only cover one or two paragraphs of the LETTER ... but that the sharing of hearts is growing and deepening ... and yes, they often stay for a supper or BBQ... 

I am so happy for all of them as this is truly a 'were not our hearts burning' experience of community. 

Thank you for the muffins sent home for Evelyn too!