JANUARY 13, 2013: Meet and Greet Sister Claudette des Forges

 (L-R  Cathy, Claudette, Marie, Mary)
(L-R - Cathy, Claudette, Marie, Mary)

On Sunday afternoon, some 14 Little Designers from the Ottawa communities gathered in the living room with Sister Claudette, a sister of St. Joseph of Orange, California who has just completed her term as a staff member at the International Centre in Le Puy.

Claudette and I have had several heart-warming conversations on SKYPE throughout the year and she has been so welcoming and supportive of my preparations for the Little Design Communities Rebirthing sessions upcoming this June. I wanted our 8 pilgrims and the community to meet her in person.


Sr. Claudette shared with us a slideshow of the International Centre in Le Puy and the women asked questions and got some first-hand experience of how to prepare for their journey this June. I have added several suggestions Sr. Claudette gave us on our CHAT FORUM... so please revisit for updates under separate categories now. 

 (L-R Michele, Eleanor, Marjorie, Diane )
(L-R - Michele, Eleanor, Marjorie, Diane )

 Of course, there was a little French feast of pastries, chocolate and glazed pears and a cup of tea...  as the conversations and stories and enthusiasm grew.

Thank you, dear friends and Sr. Claudette for a most enjoyable afternoon.

"Pilgrimage begins in the heart and ends in the heart '... and so we remain mindful of ALL that moves and grows and becomes more over these next days and weeks leading up to Le Puy.

One line from the slideshow seemed to speak to many of us... for we know that those afternoon guided walks around the old city and into sacred spaces will lead us to inner places that beckon us also...

"It is solved by walking."