SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2012

mini beams

Today, our new LDC website is launched on the w.w.w.  We would like to honour 'this communion space' that we will share over the years with engaging dialogue and inspiring and insightful reflection. After you have spent some time exploring around the new website, we hope that you might want to give some thought to starting your own small group of spiritual companions. 

In time, we hope that you will come back to the website and add your comments under The Eucharistic Letter Revisited section. (This interactive section does not start until September 1, 2012 so as to give everyone time to form their own small community.)  We welcome reading your posts - on any related topic - under the Chat Forum. 

Yes, today, we have begun to move in the Spirit and reach out with a more intentional mission of 'Circling the world with Love' using the internet as our COMMUNAL gathering place. Will you add your voice and your action and your heart to this simple, yet profound movement of Spirit... praying that we may all be one?


Rosemary O'Toole,csj  


* I want to express my deep gratitude to Rudy Camelin, our expert web master, who worked with us in the creation and design of this beautiful website. He was our forum administrator for the Medaille Online Course which began in 2008.