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Published Books

In paperback and kindle formats

the booksWORDS FOR LIFE: 

A Spirituality Study inspired by Jesuit Priest,

Jean-Pierre Medaille, SJ., his writings and experiences. 

A FOUR VOLUME SERIES to purchase...
 on in Canada. 
 on in USA
 on in England 
                                                                      on in France
                                                                                                        on in Italy 
                                                            Launched November 9, 2019 in Ottawa, Canada. 



51xGTor7ZL. AA160 2Discernment: A Way of Life

Cost $5.00 each at The Upper Room
- At       Purchase
- At 



51JSDqo2MrL. AA160 2

The Mystery of Divine Indwelling

Cost $5.00 each at The Upper Room
At        Purchase

41hXDICp1QL. AA160 2

Dying Well

Cost $5.00 each at The Upper Room
At        Purchase

41RZ1ciS5L. AA160 2Understanding False Self and True Self

Cost $5.00 The Upper Room 
At        Purchase

51Dmwa7ZeZL. AA160 2

The Spirituality of the Paschal Mystery

 Cost $5.00 each at The Upper Room.
At        Purchase

The 8-Fold Path of A Spiritual Lifespiritual life book pic 2



Cost $5.00 each at The Upper Room.. 

At        Purchase
At     Purchase

 51lvp0fWQGL. AA218 2

Contemplation &The Dark Night of the Soul 


 Cost $5.00 at The Upper Room

 At        Purchase
 At     Purchase

   MARY COVER 2 Mary: A Contemplative Woman

  Cost  $5.00 at The Upper Room
  At        Purchase
  At     Purchase


May We All Be One

Written by Grace Amirault 
Cost: $10.00 Cdn

Lady In The Graveyard

A collection of 29 poems - A prize winner!
Written by Debra Amirault Camelin 

Cost: $10.00 Cdn  - purchase at


Light in the Mist (2019)

A collection of 53 poems - many prize winners! 

Written by Debra Amirault Camelin

Cost: $13.95 Cdn  - purchase at

Medaille Spirituality


DESIREHold Fast Your Desire

A poetic narrative by Rosemary O’Toole, CSJ 
A story of the spiritual journey inspired by Maxim of Love 10:6 


At The Upper Room only.

Cost: $5.00 Cdn

41KTXOorcrL. SX311 BO1204203200 The Maxims of Perfection: Wisdom Sayings of Jean-Pierre Medaille, SJ 

Prepared by Rosemary O’Toole CSJ 

Cost: $9.71 CAD Purchase on  

DSC03799Words of Wisdom

Set of 50 floral Maxim cards in desk holder. 
Created by Monica Hartnett CSJ, Evelyn McGovern CSJ, Rosemary O'Toole CSJ 

Cost: $10.00 Cdn. Purchase from The Upper Room Home of Prayer.   


Little Design 

White binder on The Eucharistic Letter - $30.00 Cdn - original work... 

or BUY BOOK FOUR in Words for Life series on amazon. Updated in 2019. 

Plastic Cards for Sharing of Hearts - $1.00 Cdn each

Follow this link to view all available Little Design Resources

Printed Materials

There are no printed materials available at this time. See our small published books on various spirituality themes.


Audio and Music CDs

 Audio CD

The Spirituality of the Paschal Mystery

75 minutes of reflection by Rosemary O'Toole,CSJ 
with music interludes by Anne Hurley. 
                                                                          Now in English and Spanish 
Produced by Judy Faulkner and Tom Dewar 

Cost: $5.00 Cdn

Infinitely more… 

Reflections on the Dark Night and Contemplation

Teaching by Rosemary O'Toole,CSJ, 
A new release for Advent, 2004 
with music interludes by Anne Hurley 
Produced by Judy Faulkner and Tom Dewar 

Cost: $5.00 Cdn

Music CD

Riding the Wind

Piano solos by Anne Hurley

Cost: $20.00 Cdn

In Bethlehem

Christmas songs by Anne Hurley and friends

Cost: $20.00 Cdn

A Child Emmanuel

Christmas piano solos, arranged and played by Anne Hurley. 

Cost: $20.00 Cdn

Songs for the Soul

Songs of healing and hope by Karen Lahaise and friends 

Cost: $20.00 Cdn

Shelter of My Heart 

Songs by Karen Lahaise and friends 

Cost $20.00 Cdn



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