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Bear the Beams of Love - from Mary Southard

These small faith communities explore the prophetic vision of our Jesuit founder, Jean-Pierre Médaille, who some 360 years ago described a unique way of living a holy, well-balanced spiritual life in the world that all persons could practice.


His marvellous spiritual text -The Eucharistic Letter -  outlines a fairly comprehensive explanation of the vision and the reality for this new way of being and living. He called this Gospel way of life "The Little Design."


It was designed for women (and men) who lived 'outside the cloister' and were desirous of growing in holiness and serving the dear neighbour in one of the spiritual or corporal works of mercy. These are the Great Lovers of God who were learning how to undergo the emptying of their false self's and "at the same time" they noticed how they began to experience a wonderful inflowing of God's generous and compassionate LOVE coming forth from within themselves. This was truly marvellous!


This way of being and living could be described as "mystic-missionary' and there are numerous expressions of this charism manifesting today!


We believe the same Spirit of God drew us back to this SOURCE ... the Eucharistic Letter ... some years ago now and we have been celebrating and exploring what it means to be a Little Designer in this our 21st Century. 

Copies of this Eucharistic Letter are available at The Upper Room upon request. eucharistic letter

Here is a link to The Eucharistic Letter.

"Our cherished association is to be a body without a body,
and if I dare say it, a congregation without a congregation,
and perhaps in time, a religious order without being a religious order. 
In a word, it will never appear to be anything, in the world, 
and it will be in the eyes of God whatever he, in his infinite mercy
is pleased to make of his Institute."

(Jean-Pierre Médaille, SJ, The Eucharistic Letter). 


This spiritual movement of new beginnings of communities of "The Little Design" needs maximum freedom of Spirit and independence to let happen whatever is in God's plan.

The passion, energy, discernment and courageous zeal of the persons gathering today in small groupings is inspiration and hope for a new millenium of committed Christians.


"Never go ahead of grace through imprudent eagerness 
but await its moment in peace
and when it comes to you,follow it
with great gentleness and courage.
Once you have obeyed, take care lest complacency
rob you of the fruit of your obedience."
(Jean-Pierre Médaille, SJ, Maxims of Love 6:9)


 If you wish to join in the dialogue and exploration of these Little Design Communities please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 613-228-6987