Our founder, Father Jean-Pierre Medaille SJ gave us a wonderfully simple and effective way to gather in community and do spiritual sharing of the heart… so that it doesn't become counseling, a twelve steps recovery meeting, a bible sharing or just idle conversation. This simple graced way of conversation facilitates getting to the 'heart of the matter' in great simplicity, candour and gentleness.


Sharing the State of the Heart

Every four to six weeks the women/men of The Little Design Communities will plan to meet in small gatherings in each other's homes. Ideally, the groupings will be of three to six persons (maximum) so as to more easily deepen trust and ease in communicating with each other the interior stirrings of their hearts. After an opening prayer and/or song, there may be a reading from Scripture or some other sacred text (e.g. Eucharistic Letter, contemporary spiritual author, a Maxim)… which is followed by a rather lengthy period of contemplative silence.


Sharing of the heart will flow in great gentleness and peace as each person is invited to share from the heart his/her:  

        gratitude for some growth in virtue that he/she has experienced over the past few weeks in some area of her life 
        (eg. endurance, courage, faith, transformation, living in the present moment, conversion, independence, surrender, limitations)
struggle with some vulnerable area that invites a new challenge to grow in some virtue or mature in some area of functionality that is impeding his/her inner freedom.
(eg. fear, isolation, change, boredom, exhaustion, pain, darkness, vulnerability, powerlessness)
This little way demonstrate s how God delights to "Empty me and fill me with great love."The small community of men/women simply listen to each other's story with love and deep respect for God's work within each one's unique journey. There is no need to comment, advise or make suggestions. The Spirit alive within the sharing will instruct and counsel and each will come to "a knowing in their heart" that God's infinite love is calling them into 'the more'.Enjoy these special times together for mutual support and friendship … always with a cup of tea and some refreshments. Cherish each other in your hearts and pray daily for God's Love to deepen and expand within our homes and neighbourhoods and cities... yes, all around the world. 
"Have God alone before your eyes,
God's good pleasure,
 God's glory,
and make no account of anything else.
   J. P. Medaille, SJ, Maxim of Love 4:1


Sharing the State of the House 

From time to time, we invite all of our small communities to gather at THE UPPER ROOM for a communal sharing of the heart regarding any important matters that concern the state of the whole house/movement of Little Design. We begin with some informal time for conversation and story telling. Then we move into a prolonged time of prayer.
After a formal opening prayer, a question, a problem, concern, or an issue to discern is brought forth to the larger community by any member.
After the question is posed, then we enter into a lengthy period of contemplative prayer (15 minutes) listening for God's direction - next step - to be revealed to us.
After the silent prayer, any person who feels prompted, speaks aloud to the whole community gathered the 'word of the Spirit' that he/she heard. God uses any person from within the Little Design Community to be an instrument to bring a 'word of direction/guidance' for the good of the whole movement of these Little Design Communities. All simply listen and receive and test for resonance within themselves in the silence. No one at this stage makes a comment or expresses an opinion. All remain restful in silent pondering and waiting... 
When all 'the words' seem like they have been spoken and a quiet comes over the room, then the community once again pauses in silence to ponder all the 'words spoken'. Silent prayer for 5 minutes. 
Then, we have an open sharing of hearts which seems to easily reveal -  
- either the root cause of a problem or concern and even manifests the shifts we are being directed to make at this time.
- or if it was a question posed seeking next steps to take in the direction of this movement of sharing the message of "The Little Design" further out into the world... then, that 'direction' seems to announce ittself with firm connection and resonance amongst the many. We all understand and follow the ' 7 signs of confirmation' in a discernment process. We rejoice in gratitude when the next SPIRITUAL DIRECTION for this Little Design Movement emerges. 
This communal discernment process continues to work well for us and we trust we are being guided by the Spirit of God. The fruits of deeper love, joy and quiet peace are manifesting amongst us.
We desire to continually enhance the quality of our life together as Little Designers. All this sharing the state of the house flows in great "gentleness, peace and joy". There is such an awareness of gratitude to God and to each other - for the strength,courage and willingness to grow and deepen in all our relationships.
We make sure we celebrate this 'new moment' with a cup of tea and some sweet refreshments. At the breaking of the bread, we often experience our "hearts burning" for we know God is in our midst.