Monthly Prayer: Act of Self-Oblation to the Two Trinities

I will summarize here the principal ideals of the Maxims of great virtue and arrange them in an act of oblation which it will be easy for you to make. Frequently make an act of oblation of yourself to the holy uncreated Trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, and to the created Trinity of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and to all the saints of Paradise.
Together with this act, declare your firm resolve as follows:

in honour of God the Father, that you will do what you know to be most perfect, what will be for God's greatest glory and what you believe to be most pleasing to God's majesty.

in honour of God the Son, that you will try to imitate his profound self-emptying, emptying yourself entirely of self;

in honour of God the Holy Spirit, that you will free your heart from the love of all created things in order to fill it with the pure and perfect love of God, and do everything in the constant practice of this holy love;

in honour of the Saviour Jesus, that you will strip yourself of the old self to clothe yourself with the new, that is, with Jesus Christ himself, living as far as possible with his life and in the perfect imitation of his virtues.

in honour of the Holy Virgin, who was full of grace and who used that grace so well, that you will be, like her, perfectly faithful to all the graces of the Holy Spirit;

in honour of the glorious Saint Joseph, that you will serve and love Jesus and Mary with all your heart as he served and loved them, and that, when you render a service to others, you will do so in the spirit of humility, gentleness, and charity of this great saint;

in honour of the blessed spirits and the other saints, that you will try to model yourself upon the example of their holy lives, and to do nothing that would belie the pursuit of great virtue.

Declare especially that, like them, you will have a tender, strong and constant affection for:

the tranquil and intimate union of your soul with God;

cordial charity and forbearance toward the neighbour;

deep and selfless humility;

the simplicity, gentleness and moderation of the Gospel;

poverty perfectly stripped of everything;

prudent and generous mortification;

above all the guileless purity of heart

which is the foundation of all these beautiful virtues.

Conclude these devout protestations by reciting a Veni Creator to ask the Holy Spirit for the grace to observe them exactly, and to profit from them in such a way that, after living on earth as the saints did, you may share in their glory, forever and ever.

Amen. Blessed be God!